Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia’s paintings are the signature of LA’s “new progressive” women of the 21st century. Like the independent working class of women who emerged from the the Industrial Revolution or the liberated “Flappers” of the 1920’s, Natalia’s women are unabashed, aggressive and confident as she documents their influence on the lifestyle of an enrapt world. Irreverently calling them “hookers” – she uses the term like men use “dude” - she is fueled and fascinated by their color, their sparkles, their sultriness and their strength. Inspired by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, ornate interiors, wild animals, voyeurism, and punk rock, Fabia also produced the first known Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant and her jewelry line Hookerfeathers adorns celebrities and fans alike. She has been featured in Art Ltd., Angeleno, Juxtapoz, Inked and New York Arts magazine as well as appeared on Miami Ink, KNBC News, Fox 11 News, and was interviewed by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols on Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1. And most recently, Fabia is featured in LA Weekly’s 2010 People Issue as one of “LA’s Most Interesting People”.

Natalia Fabia is of Polish descent and was raised in Southern California where she graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.