Nigel Cox

Nigel Cox, a previous finalist in the prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition and Discerning Eye Prize, lives in London, UK and exhibits internationally with group and solo exhibitions in London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Munich and Dublin.

With a love of solitude and an eye for detail Nigel’s work draws influences from a diverse inspirations, from classical figurative painting to popular culture and his time on the Transglobe Expedition, travelling to the remote parts of the world. His refined technique is evocative of the past but with a fresh, minimal and contemporary edge.

Nigel’s work focuses on the solitary figure, removing the clutter of everyday life from the scene, putting the figure, who was previously anonymous in the crowd into the spotlight. What we see is a private moment in the individual’s life where they feel unobserved and relaxed yet they are transported from their urban surroundings to a minimal, sparse landscape.

Nigel grew up on the edge of a small harbour/market town - Dundalk in Ireland. In his early 20s he was a part of the Transglobe Expedition’s team who successful circumnavigated the globe, via both poles, by land, sea and ice, with Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This three year expedition to the ends or the earth has strongly influenced his life and paintings. His minimalist landscapes and solitude can certainly be attributed to this period of his life.

After many years of travel and living for long periods in Germany and Holland, Nigel returned to London, UK in 1989 and has made it his permanent home.